While some local organizations have decided to withdraw their food booths from this year's West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, roughly 130 still plan on setting up shop to sell the menu items they'll be cooking up. That includes the Vanderburgh Humane Society who could use your help in accomplishing that mission.

Like many, if not all, of the organizations that run food booths during the annual event, the money generated from food sales over the course of those six days makes up a sizeable chunk of the VHS's yearly fundraising. But, in order to make that money, they need to be able to make and sell food. In order to do that, they need volunteers. That's where you come in.

Executive Director Kendall Paul says they are currently having a difficult time finding enough people to staff the booth over the course of the week. She says this is a great opportunity for church or youth groups in need of volunteer hours, or for businesses who encourage their employees to volunteer in the community.

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Responsibilities include cooking the food, working the walk-up windows on either side of the booth, and whatever other job may be needed (making an ice run, for example). Shifts are broken up into four-hour increments starting a 10:00 AM and running until 10:00 PM each day. If you are interested in taking a shift or two, contact the VHS either by stopping by the shelter on Morgan Avenue just east of First Avenue, calling 812-426-2563, or by e-mailing events@vhslifesaver.org.

The booth will once again be serving up a completely vegetarian menu featuring, deep-fried Mac & Cheese and Green Beans, along with Lemon and Orange Shake-ups.

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