In case your significant other hasn't hinted to you, Valentine's Day is single digit days away! Don't panic! I promise, its going to be just fine because I will give you the best tips to use if your a slacker and proud of it.

We'll start with the kids. If you have kids, get them something. It doesn't have to be a big basket like you give them at Easter, but something that says you like them enough to claim said child.

Red heart in child and mother's hands

Phew!!! that was easy.

Now for you significant other.....

Wait, why are you waiting until Valentines Day to show your person that you love and appreciate them? Tell them daily. Show them daily. You can make any day as special as Valentine's Day.

But if you must......

I'm saying wait until the day after and get everything half off. Candy, half off. Valentine stuff, half off. You are saving money and getting double! I will say some people don't appreciate the cheap stuff like I do.

So really, you know what you are doing! you don't need my help!  So you go and do what earns you the best brownie points!!



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