Keep in mind that UFO's do exist and might have nothing to do with visitors from another world. A UFO is just that, an unidentified flying object. Could be anything from a weather balloon to a remote control toy, or even a new aircraft being tested, but this video has a lot of people taking a good, hard look at the object in the below video. The footage was filmed by a motorist driving through London at night and shows an object hovering over the Thames Estuary and has UFO watchers giddy with excitement.

The guy who took the footage, posted it on YouTube under the name Space999dude. He said he thought it was too bright to be a boat and looked like it was pretty high over the water.

 Because of where he was parked, he couldn't stay very long which is why the footage is only 53 seconds. He added the object was a ways off and he was at full 40x zoom. See and judge for yourself below.