Mass UFO Sighting at Canadian Baseball Game Raised Eyebrows and Questions
According to a new survey, most people believe in ghosts and UFOs. I personally have not seen or witnessed either, but that certainly doesn't mean they do not exist. More than 60% of people surveyed said they believe in ghosts and just under half believe in UFOs and more than a third said they experienced an actual paranormal event. There are many famous ghost stories right here in the Tri-State i
UFO Spotted Over London Has Skywatchers Giddy With Excitement [Video]
Keep in mind that UFO's do exist and might have nothing to do with visitors from another world. A UFO is just that, an unidentified flying object. Could be anything from a weather balloon to a remote control toy, or even a new aircraft being tested, but this video has a lot of people taking a good, hard look at the object in the below video.
UFO Appears On Screen During British News Interview [Video]
During an interview with Parliament member Tom Watson on England's Channel 4 news, a mysterious object is seen zipping across the background from right to left. The object appears to be traveling at a high rate of speed and with a downward trajectory which makes it difficult to explain it being an airplane or a bird...