There's been a massive hand sanitizer shortage around the country, so Monkey Hollow is stepping up to help out.


Monkey Hollow winery is located in Saint Meinrad, Indiana.  They have seen the problem with the lack of hand sanitizer, and are stepping up to help the shortage locally.  According to federal regulations they were not previously allowed to produce hand sanitizer based on their specific license.  However with the current need for sanitizer, restrictions have been lifted.  They are able to start producing hand sanitizer now with their equipment.  They said they've ordered ingredients and are ready to start making hand sanitizer, and should have some available within the week.

Hand Sanitizer - Distillery Update 2020 - Many of you have been curious about the Distillery's ability to make hand sanitizer and we've been researching federal regulations for such when an email from the Federal TTB showed up in our inbox yesterday. While it was previously a federal offense for us to produce hand sanitizer based on our license, amazingly, the TTB has now released all such federal restrictions! Best believe that we are on it & we have already ordered ingredients - we hope to have hand sanitizer available within the week so be sure to check back for future updates & until then, stay safe in this jungle of life & monkey onward!

This is awesome to see a local place seeing a need, and stepping up to help out! Keep an eye on Monkey Hollow's Facebook page so you can know once sanitizer is available. In times like these, it's easy to focus on the bad and the negative, but it's great to see so many in the community stepping up to help.  In the words of Mr. Rogers "look for the helpers." And I'm already counting down the days for all of this to be over, so I can go and enjoy a cold glass of Pasture Red!


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