Last week we asked everyone to nominate a "Super Mom" just in time  Mother's day. While now it is time to reveal "The Tri-State's Super Mom"!

We received over 300 entries from kids and adult kids telling us why their mom was the Tri-State's Super Mom....We randomly selected our winner and here she is!

Melanie Howes is the Tri-State's Super Mom!

Her daughter Lindsey wrote this about here mom, "My mom is the #1 Super Mom of all the moms! She is the mom that goes out of her way to help everyone before she even thinks about herself. Every night she goes home to take care of everything so everyone else doesn't have to and the only time she gets to herself is after everyone goes to bed. Recently she lost her own mother, but she hasn't let it show how much she is hurting. Instead, she tries to cheer the rest of the family up and get us altogether still. My mom deserves a relaxing vacation away from everything and everyone (except dad, she loves spending time with him) because she deserves to put herself first for once!"

For being the Tri-State's Super Mom, Melanie won a 3day 2 night stay at the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach, FL.

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