We have seen a lot of these videos, but as a dad myself, this one is something special. I cannot imagine ever being in a position to miss all of my kids' events and activities. Army SSgt. Brandon Pickett knows that feeling all too well. Pickett was on his third and final deployment. Pickett had never seen any of his 9-year-old son Jayce's football games and upon returning home, quickly ended that practice. Pickett's plan was to be standing behind Jayce during the National Anthem and would toss the football to Jayce after the anthem. That plan changed when Jayce saw his dad for the first time in nine months.

Jayce ran to his dad, helmet and all for one of those perfect father / son moments. Pickett was really looking forward to some quality time with his 'Little Buddy', as he calls him. Pickett said he and Jayce have a lot of video games to catch up on together. Welcome home Brandon and thank you for your service.

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