The forecast looked pretty grim Thursday morning with pretty much everyone south of I-64 in the Tri-State under an Enhanced Risk for severe weather. When we spoke with Ron Rhodes ahead of the storms, he said the forecast models they were looking at indicated the possibility of conditions that could generate the type of tornadoes Nashville was hit with a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately for us, none of that panned out and we were left with heavy rain, hail in some parts of the Tri-State, and some stronger-than-normal winds. But for one Tri-State storm chaser, it did provide a pretty wild visual.

Jeff Blair was out watching the hail fall near Dixon, Kentucky when he caught lightning in a bottle, or on video at least. Check this out (and make sure you have the sound on).

How crazy is that? Luckily Jeff was far enough away that he wasn't injured. If that were me, the video would have ended with me running in the opposite direction spewing every cuss word I know from my mouth. With that said, I think weather is fascinating for this exact reason. The power it can generate and put on display like this is just wild to me. Big thanks to Jeff for letting me share the video.

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