Yesterday, I got the opportunity to go back to high school, and boy have things changed! This time, I wasn't there as a student, sitting at a desk , and taking notes as the teacher spoke. No, I was there as an ambassador for WKDQ and Townsquare Media.

What a humbling experience it was to go back to Boonville High School for their Career Day. I got to speak with three different groups of students about what it is like in the Radio Broadcasting Business. The surreal thing about all of this is that when I was a sophomore at Boonville High School, I can remember listening to a Radio Personality tell me all about radio on Career Day. Now, I have become "that guy."

During my time there yesterday, I was able to interact with students who wanted to pursue a radio career and even some who were just there because it sounded cool. Either way, I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to educate and entertain the students at Boonville High School yesterday. My only hope is that at least one of them took something away from those sessions and apply it in their life.

Thanks again for having me back to school, Boonville!



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