Through 2013, plenty of songs have come and gone and become big hits.  But for every song that hits the top 10, there are hundreds more that don't, much less see the light of day.  Here are my personal choices for the songs that should have been a bigger hit on country radio in 2013!

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    James Wesley "Thank A Farmer"

    In a world where it's more about partying in the field than working in the field, I had a feeling this one would get lost in the shuffle, but it had one of the BEST phone-in responses EVER on the Country Whuppin' from local folks that call farming their livelihood, and those who appreciate it!

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    Kristen Kelly "He Loves To Make Me Cry"

    While she was able to get enough votes to make the Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame this year, the song just couldn't crack the big charts.  Kelly's stellar voice wasn't even enough to boost this amazing ballad.  Anyone who doesn't think this should have been a hit obviously hasn't seen her do it live.

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    Love And Theft "Runnin' Out Of Air"

    This was a big follow-up to the duo's number one hit, "Angel Eyes."  It had a different sound and sounded more like a funky Doobie Brothers tune than a country song, but that's what made it stand out.  It made a respectable climb, but failed to hit big for Eric and Steven in 2013.

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    Trace Adkins w/ Colbie Cailatt "Watch The World End With You"

    I honestly believe what hurt Trace's chance at a number one with this song was his admission that his new album might not be a hit and he was okay with that.  What!?!  What happened to the canned response that this is your, 'best album yet?'  Either way, his awkward interview might have put an end to one of the best songs he's ever recorded.

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    Kellie Pickler "Someone Somewhere Tonight"

    I think sometimes 'the business' beats you before the public can sink its teeth into something.  Kellie Pickler was fresh off a huge win on Dancing With The Stars that brought her back to country fans, and exposed her to a brand new audience.  Her debut single for a new label should have been a huge deal, but I truly believe the label rushed it and got rid of it, before it really had a chance to shine.  Just look at the follow-up, "Little Bit Gypsy" that is no where near the song, but has still hung tough on the charts for a LONG TIME.

  • 5

    Maggie Rose "Better"

    This song, that had all the makings of a modern hit, while amazingly holding on to many traditional country roots, just kept trying, but never got over the hump.  The Tri-State loved it and consequently, heard it a lot of it this year.  It's just a shame the rest of the country couldn't get on board.

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    JoAnna Smith "Girls Are Crazy"

    JoAnna is a good friend, but I also have a lot of faith in her professionally.  After 'We Can't Be Friends' shockingly failed to hit, I thought the more modern country friendly, 'Girls Are Crazy' would be the breakout hit for this songbird, but after a mere four weeks, her label gave up on the song and dropped her from the label.

  • 3

    Chris Cagle "Dance Baby Dance"

    In 2012, Chris Cagle made quite the comeback to country music, which is really hard to do these days.  He had two top 40 hits that people could rock to, but it was this one that could have (and should have) made him a household name once and for all.  While you may not hear this on the radio anywhere, you'll hear it at weddings for years to come!

  • 2

    Tyler Farr "Hello Goodbye"

    You what shows me that a new artist has what it takes to hang around these days?  It's when he can put out the redneck party anthems that make waves lately, but then turn around and melt your heart with a ballad.  That's Tyler Farr.  On the surface, this guy is a good ol boy that likes to drink beer and hunt.  That's true, but watch him go from a Hank cover to a stripped down 'Hello Goodbye' like he did in January at the Victory, and it'll make the crowd stop dead in its tracks.  Why this wasn't his first number one is beyond me, but at least he got there in 2013.


  • 1

    Thomas Rhett "Beer With Jesus"

    I've said it many times, "Thomas Rhett will be a HUGE star in country."  I still stand by that, but why "Beer With Jesus" wasn't a multiple week number one is a crime!  This song to me ranks among the best-written tunes of all time.  I think too many uptight folks blew it off after reading the title, but what you really get out of this song is a reverent questioning of faith and pondering of what you would do if our savior was here on Earth.  Rhett now has some hits to brag about, but see him play this one live, and you'll get chills.  By far, the biggest song that didn't get its due in 2013!