Eating dark chocolate can boost muscles in a way similar to running on a treadmill at the gym according to a new study. Researchers have identified a cocoa ingredient, 'epicatechin', that boosts fitness in the same way jogging does.In fact, epicatechin can improve overall athletic performance because it stimulates muscle growth in the same manner as a vigerous activity which might be really good news for chocolate lovers that hate to exercise.

The study was conducted on middle-aged mice and in cases where the mice at small doses of epicatechin in combination with regular exercise, there was a 50 percent boost in performance. Unfortunately, it is probably not a good idea to abandon your exercise routine in favor of sitting around and eating dark chocolate, but if you add some dark chocolate containing epicatechin to your exercise routine, you may see a big difference because that combination might offset muscle ageing. If you are at work and not near a treadmill, you might want to

Dark chocolate

grab a dark chocolate candy bar out of the machine, couldn't hurt....I'm just sayin'.

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