Before my daughter was in Kindergarten and had to hop a bus to school, I would take my good old fashioned time with getting ready for work. In my position, if I'm a few minutes late, I'd just work after a few minutes. She was in daycare all day so I had no hard deadlines. Again, with the bus - she comes home at a strict time so on my days, I HAVE to be on a tight schedule.

So, I had to devise a plan that would get me out the door on time. EEK. I looked at my two main factors for being late. Number one - I didn't keep checking the time. I have no clock in my bathroom and curling my hair takes forever if I want it just right. Number two, I'd lose my phone on the daily. My husband never loses his phone. But where is MY phone? My phone is always found in the bed, under the bed, under the dog, in my bag, in my pocket... thirty minutes wasted finding my stupid phone every morning.

And I couldn't BELIEVE it took me this long to figure out my 'life hack' because it's so easy. I set myself two alarms. I set myself two alarms on my phone: an 8-minute alarm and a 'seriously, you have to go NOW' alarm. This takes care of both problems. Every morning, I know when I need to wrap it up and get out the door. And, I know where my phone is because it's yelling at me!

Now, this doesn't account for lost shoes or homework but it does help a LOT. And, if you still struggle with kids' outfits in the morning, check out my other morning life hack!

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