When it comes to Indiana urban legends, this one tops the list of the creepiest.

With Halloween right around the corner, what better way to get you in the spirit than by sharing a creepy story? You have heard of urban legends before, right? No, not the movies, but the scary stories that have been passed down from generation to generation that have garnered a lot of fear throughout the years. Now the thing with urban legends is that they are just that: legends. Maybe these stories are completely made up, or perhaps there is some truth to them.

There are plenty of urban legends out there such as Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, UFOs, and more that have gotten a lot of mainstream attention. However, there are even more urban legends on a local level that hasn't gotten near as much fame in the world of pop culture. Insider put together a list of the creepiest urban legends in each state.

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Creepiest Urban Legend in Indiana

When it comes to Indiana's creepiest urban legend, it is one about a cemetery in the town of Brazil. The cemetery has been dubbed the "100 Steps Cemetary". This is what Insider says:

<p>The <a href="http://www.the13thfloor.tv/2017/05/03/count-down-to-your-death-at-the-one-hundred-steps-cemetery-in-indiana/" data-analytics-module="body_link" data-analytics-post-depth="40" data-uri="7812b6b2665d82151534153c9d5083bc">100 Steps Cemetery is located in the town of Brazil</a>, though the official address is actually disputed. While it's not clear when the stories about the cemetery being haunted began, there are gravestones that date back to the 1860s.</p><p>The legend states that if someone finds themselves in the cemetery at midnight, they must climb the steps and count to 100. At this point, a ghost of an undertaker will appear and show the person a vision of their death. On the way back down, the visitor is supposed to count the steps <em>again — </em>if they count the same amount of steps, the vision was false.</p><p>People who visited the cemetery in the past have tried to outsmart the supernatural forces in 100 Steps by avoiding the steps altogether. They've reported <a href="http://indianaghostdetectives.blogspot.com/2014/05/100-step-cemetery-brazil-indiana.html" data-analytics-module="body_link" data-analytics-post-depth="40" data-uri="4fedfaede2d2050ebd4b9acfd55cf79a">being knocked or shoved to the ground</a> by an unseen force.</p>

There are a lot of paranormal investigators who have gone out to the cemetery to see if they can capture any of the reported claims. Here are a few of those:

You can view Insider's full list of creepiest urban legends in each state by clicking here.

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