Remember last year when we thought "is Winter ever going to show up?"  and it stayed fairly tame.  Well this year Winter has shown up! We may not have the snow, but we've got the bitter temps! 

I'm the first to admit it, I'm a total baby in the Winter time. When it comes to cold weather, no thank you! And I'm just thankful the year it was cold enough that the Ohio actually froze happened before I was born!

1977 was the year the Ohio River froze, do you remember it?

In this news clip from 1977 they said the temperature reached 21 below zero!! That's insane! I'll take our 0 to -1 degrees thank you very much!

Check out this news report about the river freezing from 1977!  While I don't want to bring back the frozen river, I'm definitely a fan of bringing back these outfits!


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