We all know that it's about to get very cold in Kentucky this week, but hopefully not THIS cold.

It's officially the first day of winter, and tomorrow marks the start of a few very cold days full of winter weather in Kentucky. When it comes to the weather here, it can change its mind at any minute, making it hotter (or colder), more snow, or more rain than originally expected. That being said, have you ever wondered what the highest and lowest temperatures in the state have been? How about the most rain or snowfall we have received?

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Stacker compiled a list of the most extreme temperatures ever recorded in each state. A couple of weeks ago, we took a look at these temperatures, as well as the most rain and snowfall in the state of Indiana. I thought it might be interesting to look at Kentucky next.

Hottest and Coldest Temperatures Ever Recorded in Kentucky


When it comes to the highest and lowest temperatures recorded in Kentucky, they might come as quite a shock to you...unless you were there at that time. The all-time highest temperature ever recorded in Kentucky happened on July 28, 1930, in Greensburg. The temperature that day hit a very high of 114° F. On the flip side, the all-time lowest temperature recorded was in Shelbyville on January 19, 1994, when it was  -37° F. Now, that's cold! Keep in mind that these were the actual temperatures. They don't take into account heat index or wind chills!

Most Rain/Snowfall Recorded in Kentucky


When it comes to the most rain and snowfall ever recorded in Kentucky, Stacker based this on the most rain or snow recorded within a 24-hour period. The highest 24-hour snowfall happened on March 3, 1942 in Simers. On that day, Simers received 26 inches of snow! So when you hear your grandparents talk about how much snow that they had to walk around in back in the day, they probably weren't lying. Then, on March 1, 1997, the highest 24-hour reception was recorded in Louisville. The total amount of precipitation received that day was 10.48 inches. According to Stacker:

The flood of 1997 in Louisville resulted in 10.48 inches of rainfall within one day on March 1, 1997. The deluge intensified when smaller streams started overflowing rapidly, which in turn caused the worst flooding along the Ohio River. As if the large amounts of flooding wasn't bad enough, tornadoes were also reported from Arkansas to southern Kentucky.

While were are going to be seeing quite a bit of snow this week, as well as some very cold temperatures, just remember that it could always be worse. Hopefully not though because that weather isn't anything that I want a part of!

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