My husband and I couldn't decide which tree topper to use this year, so I decided to poll the tri-state to find out which Christmas tree topper is the best! 


So it turns out the tri-state loves their Christmas trees! Especially the most important part, what goes on top! I got a ton of responses and here's the top 5 favorite tree toppers in the Tri-State!

  • 5) Santa
  • 4) A top hat
  • 3) A big bow
  • 2) Angel
  • 1) A star

It was really close between star and angel, and I wasn't sure who would win, but at the end of the day, the star had just 5 more votes than the angel!

I polled the entire Q-crew on WKDQ and here's what we have

  • Melissa- a nautical star
  • Leslie- a gold star
  • Dave- an angel
  • Travis- an angel
  • Mary- a silver star

What's on your tree?  Take the polll below!

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