Reagardless of the kind of music you prefer, there is no doubt that Whitney Houston was one of the greatest singers that ever lived. This past weekend, just before the Grammy Awards, we found out that Whitney Houston had passed away at the age of 48. Houston's life has been difficult and heartbreaking over the last few years, but her talent was absolutely unmatched by any other vocalist the music business has ever known. That kind of talent deserves to be honored on our website and every other website in america regardless of music format.

 I think most would agree, when you say Whitney Houston, one of the first things that comes to mind is maybe the greatest rendition of our National Anthem we have ever seen or heard, that left most, if not all of us in tears and it happened prior to the start of Super Bowl XXV.

 Houston left us much too soon, but her amazing talent will live on forever. See Houston's Super Bowl performance below.

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