The most interesting restaurant in Kentucky has quite the past and it's said to be haunted by the famous outlaw, Jesse James.

Kentucky has no shortage of great restaurants that have been open for years. These restaurants have become staples in that area where people must go whenever they are in town. They are restaurants that can even become bucket-list places to dine at. Whether it be comfort food, burgers, fried chicken, seafood, Italian, Mexican, steakhouses, or any other type of restaurant, there are certain places that stand out among the rest. Out of all of the possibilities, one website recently named the most interesting restaurant in all of Kentucky.

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The Most Interesting Restaurant in Kentucky

The food/travel website, Love Food, recently posted an article listing the most interesting restaurant in each state. When it comes to Kentucky, it's a pretty historical restaurant that has had many famous guests...some of whom are still lurking in the halls.

Love Food says that the most interesting restaurant in Kentucky is the Old Talbott Tavern in Bardstown. Here's what makes it so interesting:

<a href="" target="_blank">The Old Talbott Tavern's</a> history can be traced as far back as 1779, when it opened as a stagecoach stop, welcoming pioneers seeking new fortunes. The buliding's thick Flemish bond stone walls remain one of the finest examples of traditional American masonry, and its heavy ceiling timbers and deep window casings have seen a lot over the years. Myriad notable, and notorious, visitors have dined here – from General George Rodgers Clarke, who utilized the tavern during the American Revolutionary War, to exiled French king Louis Philippe, who is said to have sought refuge within these walls. Even whispers of Jesse James' bullets still haunt the hallways.

While the food is delicious, the Old Talbott Tavern's history is what makes this the most interesting restaurant in Kentucky. I mean Jesse James once left bullet holes in the walls of this place back in the day that are still there. In fact, it's said that Jesse James himself might still be there too.

The Old Talbott Tavern is supposed to be pretty haunted. According to the Old Talbott Tavern's website:

The Old Talbott Tavern has always been known for the ghostly stories told by the locals and some guests. The most famous ghostly visitor is supposedly Jesse James. Another is the lady in white. They always appear as apparitions. The other stories include round balls of light (orbs) moving around the room in the middle of the night, or flashes of light without cameras.

More stories include objects randomly moving, furniture jumping up and down for no reason, shadows, random music sounds, an old piano playing by itself, and footsteps all hours of the day.

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