It's time for another installment from my series of blogs featuring songs of the past from artists you may know well, or might have forgotten.  Some of these songs may have long disappeared from radio, but I'm bringing them back. Today's artist is primarily known for his debut single, "Old Enough To Know Better" and his recent battle with colon cancer, but when I saw a song by Wade Hayes as a part of our Radiothon this year, I couldn't help but find those classics I miss.

1. What I Meant To Say

That deep southern drawl was great for upbeat, foot-tappin' songs, but Wade Hayes knew how to break your heart with a good ballad.  This song didn't top the charts like his firs single "Old Enough...", but was good enough to give him another top 5 from his debut album.  I always loved the video where everything around him goes in reverse.

2. I'm Still Dancing With You

Another heart-breaking top 5 single from his first album, this single followed the huge success of Wade's debut.  This might be my favorite from him, but it just didn't stick around much after 1995.  If I was in a smoky dance hall, you can bet, I'd pull it up on the jukebox and do a little slow dance.

3. On A Good Night

In 1996, Hayes tried to strike gold with a song that was as rowdy as "Old Enough To Know Better," and came the closest with this one getting to number 2.  It's got all you need: a truck, a girl, George Strait, and a game of pool!  Sounds like a good  night to me.

4. How Do You Sleep At Night

There's always been something haunting about the sound of this song, and I really liked it.  Unfortunately, it only got to 13 on the charts and would end up being his last top 40 hit.  I feel like I know 90's country pretty well, but I even forgot about this song until researching this blog.  Glad I found it!

5. The Day She Left Tulsa (In A Chevy)

More than any other single, this one should have gotten to the number one spot, but again stopped just inside the top 5.  For those who remember this one or any of the songs above.  Congratulations.  You are in my club!



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