Wade Hayes made news when he revealed his battle with stage four colon cancer in 2011 and now he's speaking out about a second bout with the disease.

Hayes was happy to announce he was in remission in 2012, but last year the singer was once again faced with cancer -- this time in his lymph nodes.

“They opened me up from stem to stern, literally,” Hayes tells Country Weekly. “They had to take a big part of my large intestine, most of my liver, part of my diaphragm out, lymph nodes, and I’ve had several small surgeries on my liver to get it repaired enough to work correctly. It was a bad deal. It was very serious. I’m probably being too brutally honest, but it’s the truth. I look like a baseball from all the scars I’ve got!”

Hayes was fortunate to learn his doctors were able to remove all of the cancer. To ensure that he stays healthy, he's going the extra mile and trying to get healthier.

“I had gotten really skinny when I was sick with chemotherapy and all that business," he says. "I was eating too lean. I couldn’t put any weight on, so I had to cheat a little bit on the diet. I get to have my favorite meal about once a month, which is a cheeseburger, but on the other days, no more red meat, no more dairy and light on the sweets."

Since he's getting healthier every day, he's got big plans for 2014! Hayes is working on new music and with new music comes a tour so fans can hope to see Hayes out on the road this year!

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