It's time for another installment from my series of blogs featuring songs of the past from well-known artists.  The artists may be well-known, but the some of the songs may have long disappeared. This artist is one who will show up every couple of years and give us a big hit, but in the mid 90's he was always good for a big tune!  That guy, is Clay Walker.

1. Where Do I Fit In The Picture

This was the big ballade from Clay's second album, and the one that really let me know, at least, that this was his bread and butter.  Very few could deliver the pain like he did.  Just listen to this one and tell me why it disappeared from radio so long ago.  This is money.

2. Watch This

As good as Walker was at delivering the pain, he could easily transition into a lovey dovey love song, with the same passion.  'Watch This' is another one that will make you want to get on that dance floor and shine up the belt buckles.

3. Who Needs You Baby

I always loved this song.  It sounded like the 90's, but it was still different than anything else on the radio at that time.  I remember this song being the last track on Clay's 'Greatest Hits' CD and the repetitive chorus of the song fading out, would rock me to sleep as the CD ended.

4. The Chain Of Love

This song landed toward the end of Clay's consistent run of hits.  This was the precursor to the pay it forward movement that is still relevant today.  I think this song should come back as a good example of how to live.

5. Hypnotize The Moon

If I had to pick two songs that I call my favorite from Clay Walker, they would be 'This Woman, This Man' which had a little more longevity than this one, but it ranks right up there in my opinion.  'Hypnotize The Moon' was the title track of Clay's third album, and one of the first albums I ever got on CD!