Has there ever been a show that you weren't really into until someone you love joined the cast?   For me, that show is Dancing with the Stars, and that someone is former Cubs catcher, David Ross!  His first night on the show, he hit a home run!  If you're a Cubs fan and haven't seen this yet, you will NOT want to miss this! 


Cubs Catcher David Ross, is partnered with Lindsey on Dancing With the Stars, last night they premiered their quickstep dance to every Cubs fan's favorite song  'Go Cubs Go!' You know I'm a huge Cubbie fan, so I was excited to hear Grandpa Rossy was going to be performing this season, and if the way he kicked off his time on the show is any indication, I'll just have to be tuning in more often!!

Have you ever started watching a show just because someone you love is on it??

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