On a special bonus edition of Some Like It PopManaging Editor Samantha Vincenty and Associate Editor Ali Szubiak break down the all-important "hometown visits" episode of The Bachelorette, aka the most important televised dating event of AT least the last three months!

As per custom on the long-running ABC franchise, our heroine JoJo Fletcher, a tears-prone 25 year old with lamentable taste in potential partners, journeys to the four wildly different homes of her potential mates (well, as "wildly different" as four middle-class young white men from supportive backgrounds' homes can be), to see if she'd like to sign onto knowing them all forever.

Chase, Jordan, Robby and Luke show JoJo a slice of their respective real lives, in which Chase wins for prettiest location (Colorado), Jordan's entire family (too?) patiently answers JoJo's nonstop questions about why Aaron Rodgers doesn't speak to them. Robby's family LOVES WINE in plastic tumblers, and Luke invites roughly 1800 people to the family barbecue. Save for the aforementioned Aaron Rodgers-related interrogations, JoJo handles all of this with poise.

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