The Bachelorette finale ended with a gooey beachside proposal from Jordan Rodgers to Season 12 star JoJo Fletcher. The weeks since that August 1 reveal on ABC have included a move to Dallas, and just enough Chipotle visits and mentions to make one wonder if they're quietly shilling for the recovering fast food chain — but SOME people just won't let the publicly-in-love couple live. Namely, Jordan Rodgers' ex-girlfriend Brittany Farrar.

In what's more of an essay than an Instagram post, the personal trainer aired her own account of the split which (as Jordan admitted to JoJo on a June 20 Bachelorette episode) did not end amicably.

Farrar commences the two-part dragging with a caption hashtagged #HeWasWrong: "After our breakup, I was surprised to find out what a prolific liar and cheater Jordan Rodgers was during our entire 3 1/2 year-relationship," she wrote. "But what has surprised me even more is how he has carelessly bashed and lied about me in public. I guess he thought I wouldn't stand up for myself."

"When I broke up with my ex and gave back his old mattress and chia seeds—that was his ultimatum to me ('Give me another chance or I want my mattress and the chia I bought back!')—his lies stopped being my problem. UNTIL he went onto one of the most popular reality shows on TV and lied about our relationship." Oh, she did NOT just bring the chia seeds into this.

While any social media post longer than 100 words doesn't typically scream "measured and rational," if any of Farrar's accusations are true, it's understandable that she feels like Jordan's gaslighting her with a media-propped alternate version of events.

"With the power of a press tour, his lies reached our hometown and my family and friends are now constantly approached by mutual acquaintances," Farrar continues. "After weeks of this, I started wondering why I feel like I'm the one who should be silent when he was the one who jumped on a reality show hoping to catch fame as a last ditch attempt to make something of himself." Jordan, who was briefly a football player like his estranged brother Aaron Rodgers and seemed to be between jobs before his run on the show, has reportedly landed a gig as college football analyst for ESPN's SEC Network since the show wrapped.

Citing the fact that Jordan's repeatedly denied the cheating allegations, telling JoJo on the show that he'd been a lousy boyfriend but had never technically strayed, she addresses him directly: "You're wondering why there isn't a flood of positivity around your engagement? Maybe it's because your recent fame is built on you tearing down people and rewriting the truth to fit your storyline."

Farrar's second post, a video, literally shows us the receipts: A close-up of a flower delivery Rodgers allegedly sent to "the girl he cheated on me with in Louisiana" when he was filming his cameo in Pitch Perfect 2. The flowers were delivered on June 27...which happens to be the birthday of PP2 star Kelley Jakle. Pure coincidence, probably!

The message on the receipt, which Farrar claims is from Jordan, reads "Happy Birthday to my Favorite Bella. Miss you. Can't Wait to See That Beautiful Smile Again. From, Your Favorite Football Player Wanna Be Actor." Oof.

"He met her while shooting Pitch Perfect 2 (he was deep in the background pretending to be one of the Green Bay Packers- the closest he’s ever been to making an NFL team)," Ferrar writes. Insert GIF of Chris Tucker and Ice Cube saying "Daaaaaamn" here.

While Jordan's brother Aaron has declined to elaborate on his estrangement from his family, which was discussed on The Bachelorette, some media outlets have pointed to the fact that Rodgers' girlfriend Olivia Munn is close friends with Farrar. If Farrar's claims are legit, it looks like Jordan's current woes have nothing to do with Munn and everything to do with his own thirsty and transparent (to some) behavior.

See both of Brittany's posts about Jordan below.

(2/2) The Original Rose: The receipt for a giant bouquet of roses Jordan bought for the girl he cheated on me with in Louisiana. (The first of many I would later find out about). He met her while shooting Pitch Perfect 2 (he was deep in the background pretending to be one of the Green Bay Packers- the closest he’s ever been to making an NFL team). And for the devil’s advocate I’ve included screenshots of texts with dates to show we were a couple when he bought his favorite Bella some very special roses 🌹And also one of the many, many texts he sent after we broke up. Jordan, you dragged our relationship into the spotlight, and then challenged my honesty and character. If you weren't ready to be truthful about your life then you shouldn't have gone on a reality show. And if you don't like having your integrity questioned, you shouldn't have lied about someone who's parents always taught her to stand up for herself. #FromYourFavoriteFootballPlayer('s brother) #ExpensiveBouquet #NowIKnowWhyYouNeverHelpedWithRent #NotHisFaultCutFromPracticeSquads #DrivingHisBrothersTruck #GoodThingTheRingWasFree #NeilLane #TheBachelorette #FameGoalsAcheived #YourChoiceIfThisIsMyLastPost #IveGotLotsMoreProof #DontCoverMyPeepholeAgain

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