Texas Roadhouse in Evansville Reminds us that Values Are More Important Than Profit


The community recently suffered a tragic loss, with the news of 20 year old Halee Rathgeber's passing.  She was a student at USI, and also worked at Texas Roadhouse. Yesterday was her memorial service, and Texas Roadhouse did something, that reminds all of us of what's truly important.  People.   People are what's truly important and invaluable in life, and Texas Roadhouse made sure that it's employees knew that.

Texas Roadhouse shut down yesterday so that all of their staff could go and pay their respects to their co-worker Halee.  I think that says a lot about Texas Roadhouse and their company values.

While my heart is still very sad over the tragic loss of Halee, it's warms my heart to see the community outpouring of support, that reminds us of what's really important, and that's people. Give someone you love a hug today.

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