Ever since I got the job in downtown Evansville, I have often wished I lived in an apartment or condo in the city. It would be so great to be able to walk to work in the mornings and enjoy all that downtown Evansville has to offer.

I have friends who live in downtown condos and when I visit them, I always feel so big city. The condos are beautiful with wide open concepts. which I love. My friend David Oldham - Heidenreich, is the owner and designer at Elements Design Studio in downtown Evansville. He has interior decorated several homes and and condos in the city and many other cities too, including St. Louis. His use of color and space are amazing and impeccable.

Take a look at one of his creations. A glorious and beautiful condo located in downtown Evansville.

Downtown Evansville Condo Looks Like Big City

This condo is not for sale. It is one the David designed about a year ago. If he comes across any that he designs that will be up for grabs, I will let you know.
The ELEMENTS DESIGN STUDIO is so incredible. You have to see the beauty that lies within the walls that you can purchase. Last month, he announced on social media that there are some exciting changes coming this fall too. #ShopLocal #EVV

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Evansville Home Frozen In Time


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