To Make Love Last, You Must Follow the Rules
Almost nine years later after we said our vows, I am still confident that I married the RIGHT person. If you have been married before and married again, you know exactly what I mean. I want to make sure that we continue to be happy, feel valued and fulfilled.
Law Requires Equal Parenting Time, Kids Win
It's very important to recognize the importance of a father in the life of a child. Many great fathers have had to fight, in the courts, for time with their kids. The laws surrounding visitation and co-parenting, seemed to be swayed in one direction, leaving dads feeling left out and unimportant. But, that's all changing.
Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Address Divorce Rumors
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert seem to have it all: thriving music careers, energetic personalities, and they're even known as country's hottest couple. You know what else they have? Money! Well, that and a hilarious sense of humor. When rumors of divorce recently started circulating, they addressed them in their own way.
It's Marriage #2 for jana
Everyone, including me, is excited for Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer! They announced their engagement recently and although this will be Brantley's first marriage it is marriage number two for Jana. Who was she married to before? I think you might recognize him.
Relationship Status: Divorced
I'm as addicted to Facebook as anyone, but some people just don't understand that whatever goes on that wall is there for all to see...including lawyers.  Some people of lower moral character may now regret their posts, pokes, tags, and random gallivanting in Farmville pastures, when they are brought up in court, during divorce proceedings...

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