It's very important to recognize the importance of a father in the life of a child. Many great fathers have had to fight, in the courts, for time with their kids. The laws surrounding visitation and co-parenting, seemed to be swayed in one direction, leaving these dads feeling left out and unimportant. But, that's all changing. 

Leslie - As I look across the room at my NOW husband, I know he would have liked more time with his daughter but he didn't dare ask. He got ONLY the minimum time that the court paper stated, even though he hoped and prayed everyday for more time. His importance was NOT recognized. And, his sadness broke my heart.

Ever since I have known Quenton, he has been trying to get more time with his daughter. Like a lot of very good fathers, he just wanted equal time with his child but because of laws that favor the mother, his attempts got him no where.

In the past, many mothers viewed the parenting time guidelines as a maximum, not a minimum. So, the guidelines were often abused.

The laws were set up to protect children from fathers who let them down and neglect them emotionally and financially. Basically, unfit fathers. While there are many, many dad's out there who don't deserve equal time because they are unreliable, irresponsible, they don't pay child support and often times see their own children as a burden, there just a many men who are quire the opposite. They are loving, kind, ultra supportive and wonderful fathers. If you are a mother who uses your child as a pawn, a weapon or tool for pain against your ex, SHAME ON YOU!!!

A new law, recently passed in Kentucky, requires equal time. Bravo, Kentucky!!! No longer can a parent use their child to hurt their ex. Read more about the new law, HERE!

In essence, if the father of your child/children loves them, is always there for them, pays child support for them (On time!), pays for the extras for them, nurtures them, cares for them, wants to see them......YOU ARE LUCKY!!! AND SO ARE THEY!!!! Do NOT keep your child away from their father. Recognize his importance!!! He is JUST as important as YOU! A child needs a wonderful, loving, strong father just as much as he/she needs a wonderful, loving, strong mother.

Even with this new Kentucky law, PLEASE find a way to put your past behind you and focus on what is best for your child. Trying to keep a child away from a parent or talking bad about the other parent, whether mom or dad, is WRONG!! IF you have an ex who wants to co-parent, DO IT! Your child will be all the better for it.

I found a video that speaks from the hearts of the children. What is YOUR child's heart saying????


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