Let's drop back a few years to 1967 when the first "AFL-NFL World Championship Game" was played. Yes that was a mouthful for sports reporters and it took up a lot of room in newspaper headlines so it wasn't popular. The term "Super Bowl" was not used yet but where the heck did it come from?

The NFL had been around since 1920 but the new American Football League kicked off in 1960 with the Patriots, Bills, Oilers, Titans, Texans, Broncos, Chargers and Raiders and soon added the Dolphins and Bengals and changed the New York Titans to Jets and moved the Texans to Kansas City. Now we were ready for a big game between the two leagues.

That first game was played before a half empty Log Angles Memorial Coliseum with the top ticket price of $12.00. The Green Bay Packers were heavy favorites and beat Kansas City 35-10. Who played at the halftime show? Two college marching bands.

The following year Lamar Hunt, owner of the Chiefs, was watching his daughter play with a popular 1960's toy called a "Super Ball" which would bounce higher than any ball. Lamar shortened it to one word and "Super Bowl" was born.


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