Substance abuse, in many forms, plagues are community. Many times children, within the home of the abuser, are affected in ways that scar them so deeply that they suffer throughout their lives. Even into adulthood.

We are so lucky to have the Parenting Time Center in our community. Through the center, children can receive the support they need as they try to understand and heal from their experience with a parent struggling with substance abuse.

According to their Facebook page,

Every year Parenting Time Center celebrates a community leader who demonstrates outstanding service toward an issue that impacts children at Parenting Time Center. This year we recognize Lisa Seif. Lisa's candor, transparency, and experiences will be discussed at this special forum to celebrate the steady work of Parenting Time Center. Coffee, tea and light refreshments will be served. Courtesy of Planter Cafe and Coffee Bar. Sean Little will be speaking at this even as well -- Thank you Sean! All ticket sales will benefit Parenting Time Center.

Lisa: "Their mission matches my mission. And, we know we can't do it alone!"


Parenting Time Center/ Facebook
Parenting Time Center/ Facebook

Mark your calendar to help support this incredible event.

When - Thursday, January 24th, starting at 5:30

Where - DiLeggie's Banquet Room, 607 North Main Street, Evansville, IN


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