St. Patricks Day is on a Saturday this year, and what better way to kick off the St. Patrick's day fun, than with walking some sweet pups with the VHS?!

Tj is one of the many pups ready to get some fresh air! (photo credit: Cardio For Canines Facebook)
Tj is one of the many pups ready to get some fresh air! (photo credit: Cardio For Canines Facebook)

Cardio For Canines is each Saturday (weather permitting), at Garvin Park. It's to help people get out and get some exercise as well as a way to get the dogs from the Vanderburgh Humane Society out of their cages, and get them some fresh air!

It's happening this Saturday, so wear your lucky green and walk a sweet pup! Maybe they'll get lucky and find their forever home too!

It's free, and a fun way to volunteer!

Here's all the details from their Facebook:

Cardio for Canines is designed to benefit both humans and homeless shelter dogs. Evansville has been criticized far too often for being an “obese” city with many programs & organizations devoted to helping people in the area stay healthy. Cardio for Canines is a great way to get active while helping a homeless dog at the same time!

VHS shelter dogs spend about 22-23 hours a day in a kennel. They can mentally and psychologically deteriorate from a lack of exercise and human interaction. Programs like this help the dogs get much-needed exercise, socialization, and good ol’ fashioned fresh air & sunshine.

Cardio for Canines is the brainchild of VHS staff member Lauren Schmitt. An avid runner, Lauren is passionate about humans being healthy & active. But she is even more passionate about animals, particularly shelter dogs who often get overlooked for adoption because they are too high-energy or barking too much in their kennel. She and her friends and family are volunteering their time to make Cardio for Canines a success.

The VHS wants to emphasize that people of all fitness levels are welcome at Cardio for Canines. From marathon runners to leisurely walkers, everyone is welcome! At the end of the day, the main goals are for people to get active and dogs to get much-needed exercise & enrichment. The dogs will love you whether or not you’ve done a 5K!

Sessions are held every Saturday morning at the rear entrance of the Vanderburgh Humane Society. Dog checkout begins at 8:00 and the team takes off walking/running from 8:30-9:30 through Garvin Park!

Water will be provided in Garvin Park for humans and dogs. Children, strollers, and wheelchairs are welcome, but participants actually walking dogs must be 18+ and sign a waiver.


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