December 10th is my sister Hillary's birthday. Last year, we were in Bowling Green at a surprise birthday dinner. Little did we know, the landscape in parts of western Kentucky would be changed forever by a slew of dangerous tornadoes. Later that night, Bowling Green was hit by a cluster of three EF-3 twisters killing 12 residents.

In total, 80 Kentuckians lost their lives last December 10th. Mayfield, Dawson Springs, and Bremen were hit by EF-4 strength storms. Last week, a temporary memorial was placed in Mayfield's court square in memory of 24 victims. Last month in Dawson Springs, a permanent memorial was revealed in the city's park, and the community lost 19 residents.

In Bowling Green, one memorial has incorporated the Christmas season.

The brass and aluminum star on top of the tree is made out of tornado debris recovered from one house. The tree topper is four feet tall, and four feet wide, and it weighs 20 pounds.

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Several homes in my hometown of Hartford were completely destroyed by an EF-2/EF-3 tornado. Hillary and I drove out to the sites, just east and north of town. Unbelievable. If you travel south down the Natcher Parkway/I-165 near Hartford today, you will notice mowed-down rows of trees on either side of the road.


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