I don't think any of us who live in this part of the country will ever forget the horrific tornado outbreak of December 10th, 2021. The loss of life, the destruction...it's all still very fresh in our minds, and especially in the minds who were in the storm's path.

And then, as is so often the case, Kentuckians rallied and showed the world what we are made of. We get back up on the horse and we continue to ride. It takes hard work and lot of patience, but we do it.

And that hasn't gone unnoticed by a great many people, including a country superstar who was so impressed with the resiliency of the folks of Mayfield KY--one of the towns devastated by the twister--that he mentioned the town on national television.

Trace Adkins Announces Free Mayfield KY Concert

Trace Adkins--whose Somewhere in America Tour launches Saturday, April 15th in Arlington TX--will make a stop in Mayfield on May 20th for Somewhere in America: a Concert for Mayfield. The special free concert will take place at Mayfield High School's CFSB War Memorial Stadium.

Trace Adkins Visits TODAY Show to Announce Free KY Concert

In fact, Adkins paid a visit to the folks at NBC's The Today Show to make the announcement:

The good people at Kioti Tractors are sponsoring this free event, and Trace says this will also be a fundraising event for the area. For now, though, visit the Trace Adkins - Somewhere In America: A Concert for Mayfield Facebook page to RSVP.

A Year After the Devastating Kentucky Tornadoes

In December, WHAS-Louisville produced a special documentary called Kentucky Tornadoes: One Year Later that features interviews with residents affected by the storm as well as a progress update:

I have no idea; this is just a guess. But I'd imagine Trace Adkins will take a tour of Mayfield before the May 20th show. How folks have rebuilt their lives in the aftermath of this disaster has meant so much to him. He's probably anxious to meet the very people for whom he will be performing this free concert.

There will be more information on TraceAdkins.com/Mayfield as we get closer to the show.

[SOURCE: WPSD-Paducah]

Dec 10 Tornado Destruction in Mayfield KY

Gallery Credit: ASHLEY SOLLARS

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