A southern Indiana man has embarked on a two-thousand mile journey riding a horse that had been the victim of years of abuse before being rescued more than a year and a half ago.

Richard Mills, owner of Buck Creek Horse Rescue in Elizabeth, Indiana, says that when the 6-year-old horse named Willie showed up at the rescue, he was frightened of people due to being the victim of abuse for so many years.

However, after spending some time in rehabilitation, Willie is stronger than ever. So much that Mills has decided to ride him 2,200 miles from Elizabeth to Great Falls, Montana. Unfortunately, this cross-country haul is not a joyride – it’s Mills’ way of making people aware of large animal abuse.

Earlier this week, Mills made a stop in Boonville followed by a ride into Evansville. Mills’ goal is to ride 25 miles per day and plans to be on the road for about three months.

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