Well, the drama continues AND we now know the the artist of the song that made a father so angry, he was willing to shoot his own son to keep him from singing!!

William Oller, Jr. (pictured above) was shot multiple times by his father, William Oller, Sr., in a domestic dispute over singing karaoke to an unnamed country song. The son told KRCR that he was singing a Chesney song, but he doesn’t recall which Chesney song it was that got on his dad’s nerves enough to cause him to open fire.

Oller, Jr. said his father is a caring man who also advised him on his singing.  He said it was completly out of character and that his father, 70, suffered two strokes recently which could have been a reason for the outburst and shooting.

Oller, Sr. has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder.

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