Anyone who tells you the war in Afghanistan is de-escalating is wrong. This war has been going on for more than 10 years . We know what's happening over there, but it's something else entirely to actually see it as it is happening. A soldier fighting in Afghanistan activated his helmet cam recently during a firefight as part of an ongoing documentation of the war over there. The footage will make you cringe with fear and will give you a frightening sense of what are fighting men and women are dealing with. This soldier's unit was pinned down by machine gun fire on a mountain in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. As this soldier was making his way down the hill he was hit four times with none of the rounds penetrating his body armor as he yells to his his unit that he's been hit.

None of the soldiers in this unit were killed, thank god, but the video will give you a sense of how unbelievably scary it is out there. Again, this video is part of an ongoing documentation process and is one video that is part of  an actual YouTube channel created by a Canadian Afghanistan war vet.  That vet also established 'Military Minds', which is a support group dedicated to raising awareness of PTSD. WARNING FOR SOME GRAPHIC LANGUAGE. God bless our troops. See the video below.....frightening.