This may or may not ruin strawberries for you, but inside of them are tiny little worms that you've probably been eating this whole time!

Earlier today, I was talking with my coworkers, and strawberries got brought up. I told them that I don't like to eat them. They asked me why, and my response was simply "because I don't want to eat worms." They thought I was being funny until I showed them a TikTok video that went viral about what is hidden inside of all of the strawberries we eat...and it's gross. There's a good chance you may never want to eat a strawberry again.

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Let's just say if you just wash your strawberries off in the sink when you eat them, you're doing it all wrong. In this video, you find out that if you soak your strawberries in saltwater, tiny little worms crawl out of them. Seriously, if you plan on eating strawberries, you should really try this before you eat them:

  • Fill up a bowl full of water
  • Add in salt
  • Wait for the salt to dissolve
  • Then add in your strawberries
  • Soak them for about 30 minutes and then watch what happens.

What you will witness is nothing short of disgusting. Tiny white worms will crawl out of the strawberries after you soak them in saltwater. Yes, tiny white worms are living inside the very strawberries that you eat. I'm not can see it for yourself in the video, and test it out at home. I have seen them crawl out firsthand!

I told you it was gross! Can you imagine how many of these worms you have eaten in your lifetime? My guess is probably way more than you care to count.

I suppose you could always look on the bright side. Those worms are probably packed full of protein. Even that isn't enough to look past the worms crawling out of the strawberries for me. If you never eat strawberries again, don't blame me. Blame social media!

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