It is that time of year to start receiving Christmas cards from friends and family. I just received mine from Eric Cornish the other day, a great card featuring photos of his wife and kids. I also received my annual card from my Uncle Rich from California. I have never really sent out Christmas, but my wife said she would like to start. Most people don't send anything too elaborate in the way of a Christmas card, but some people go all out. Like the Slade family in the below video.

This might be one of the most creative cards ever sent. The family decided to put together a video featuring all of the family members singing and dancing....on the floor, the walls and even the ceiling...yes, the ceiling! They actually had to build a Gimbal set to accomplish this, which wasn't cheap.

Check the actual video card below and then watch the video about how it was created. Kudos to the Slade family for this brilliant video Christmas card. The Prell family card could never top this, unless I do something dressed as an wait, nevermind, the world isn't quite ready to see least not Enjoy.




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