We all know that Donald Trump won the presidency and is America's 45th president, but why is still asking for money from his followers?

Dave received this email from Trump Headquarters asking for money. Why is he still campaigning if he already won?

"President Trump needs your help right now.

The media, Hollywood elites, and Democrats have been distorting the president’s policies and deceiving the American people.

And at this very moment, we have less than 14 hours until our FIRST end-of-month FEC deadline.

If we don’t end the month strong, the media will use it against us as proof that the American people are not behind Trump’s presidency.

We’re counting on grassroots leaders like you to show the media that the American people are the heart and soul of this presidency.

Dave, it’s only been 11 days since President Trump took office, and the media has waged a nasty fight against him every single day.

And right now, the media can’t wait to get their hands on our first fundraising report. They’re hoping to see that the Democrat establishment and other far left organizations have raised more money than us.

But with your help, the media will see that the American people are fully behind our movement.


Trump Headquarters"

Shouldn't the president focus on running the country not trying to raise more money?

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