Today is Cyber-Monday, the day you should try shopping online. Black Friday is finally past us and why anybody would subject themselves to that is beyond my comprehension. I know a lot of people do it, love it and wouldn't miss it. I am not one those people. These videos were taken inside a Wal-Mart video game section last Friday...are you kidding me? There is nothing worse than Christmas shopping and it has nothing to do with the actual shopping, which I am fine with. It's the long lines, no parking spaces and the clueless people who think they are the only ones doing any Christmas shopping.

I don't mind the shopping at all, but when you have to go to three different places to find one particular item, that's when I give up and go home. It's crazy in some of those stores and God help you if you grab the last of something on the shelf just ahead of someone else. Have you seen that look? It's not pretty and not one you want to be on the receiving end of.

I have never been a fan of shopping online, but last year that is exactly what my wife said we were doing (over my objections) and you know what? It was awesome! We got everything we were looking for and all we had to do was wait for the box to be delivered to our building lobby. It took about four hours to find everything and that was it. Everything arrived pretty much on time except for one item that came in late on December 23rd, but we got it.

We are going to shop online again this year because you just can't beat it. If you like shopping and being amongst your peeps in the mall - knock yourself out - but if you want to try something a little less stress filled where you can shop while enjoying a little wine and cheese, go's so worth it. Merry Christmas.