The 2020 West Side Nut Club Half Pot topped out at $1,391,375 this year, and with only seven days left, no one has come forward yet to claim the winning number.

The winning number (1706883) was announced on October 10th. Much like last year, no one has come forward yet to claim the winning number. Last year, it took a little bit, but the winner eventually came forward. With only 9 days to claim the prize, the winner is running out of time to claim their winnings.

In the event that the winner does not contact West Side Nut Club Inc. within thirty days of the end of the Entry Period (by close of business on November 9th 2020),  the prize will be forfeited and will be retained by West Side Nut Club, according to the West Side Nut Club Half Pot Official Rules.

The money, if unclaimed, will then go back to help organizations in the community. We're talking about a total amount of $695,687.50 before taxes. That is a lot of money that someone has yet to claim. I'm not sure why someone has yet to claim their winnings. It certainly wouldn't have taken me nearly this long to come forward, if I had the winning number.

SOMEONE has the winning number. It is just a matter of making sure they are aware of it...and getting them to claim their prize before the deadline of November 9th. As a reminder, the winning number for the 2020 West Side Nut Club Half Pot was 1706883.

If you have the winning number, please call 702-763-5050 or email before the end of business on November 9th.

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