Today, I debut a new feature.  I feel like I'm pretty observant when in comes to weird things.  My wife would say a little too observant, but sometimes, you just have to look at something and go, "Wait a minute..."  Take for example, my first picture in the series.

Shoes and Shears

This scene is unaltered.  I found this in our parking lot downtown.  Now at first glance, it appears that someone spontaneously combusted out of their Timberlands.  Look closer, and you see that person must have been a barber.  The actual sheers are absent, but the guards and accessories are left behind.  My only answer to this is that the man upstairs, decided it was time to call this poor stylist home to eternal rest.  The barber then said to the Lord, "Please, I pride myself in my hair-cutting prowess.  May I please bring my sheers to Heaven and style the locks of the dearly departed?"  The Lord agreed, but reminded him, "In the afterlife, there will be no need for guards, because every hair cut is perfect up here."  Shortly after, the man was struck with a bolt, and got lightninged right out of his loafers.  Rest in Peace, sir...Rest in Peace.

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