I love concerts!  No really, I LOVE concerts.  Now I know you may say the same thing, but you may not love concerts for the same reason I do.  I enjoy watching the artists perform, but I also love to watch the crowd.  Unless you've never been to one, you have to know what to expect.  There are 4 large groups of concert-goers:

1. Those that go to enjoy the show and could care less about what anybody else is doing around them.  They, like me, know and understand these four groups and tolerate all of them.

2. Those who are there to party, drink, and by the end of the night will think THEY are the star of the show.  They have no care in the world, they perform for the rest of the audience, and I hope they have a ride home.

3. Those who are there to be super fans.  I'm not sure what these fans do for a living, but they follow there favorite artist.  They belong to the fan club.  They wouldn't miss a show.  Some artists even know them by name whether they want to or not.

4. Those who have no idea what a concert is.  They know they like listening on the radio, but the barrage the show puts on their senses is too much and they'll let you know about it.  Ever seen the people that complain about the noise, the lights, and the people standing, dancing, singing and having a good time.  These folks are mortal enemy of Number 2.

That being said, I saw many Number 4's that didn't like the following gentleman.  Bad dancing be darned, this guy knows he's the bomb and he paid for his ticket too, just like the grumpy-grumps behind him.  So dance my friend, dance til you drop!

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