Have you ever wondered what your town looked like back in the day, just to see how much things have changed?

It's no secret that I am proud to be from Boonville, Indiana. It's a small town with a lot of good people in it. There's also a lot of rich history in the town too. I mean, it's where Abraham Lincoln learned the law. Having lived there most of my life, I've seen the town grow and change throughout the years. However, one thing has stayed pretty close to the same: the Square in Boonville. Sure, they changed the traffic pattern, and some new businesses have opened up throughout the years, but the overall look has remained the same.

I've often wondered what this historic part of Boonville looked like back in the day. Luckily, there is a Facebook page called Warrick County Historical Society. The page shares some historical photos and facts about Warrick County, and it's pretty fascinating. Recently, they shared a couple of old photos of the Square in Boonville from 1896. If you do the math, that is 126 years ago. Well before any of us were even thought of. It was interesting to see what the Square looked like then compared to how it looks today. 

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See What The Square in Boonville Looked LIke in 1896

Warrick County Historical Society recently shared two photos from the Square in 1896. I'll show you what those sections of the Square look like today, and then share what they looked like 126 years ago. You will be amazed.

First, let's take a look that the section of 2nd Street on the Square. This is what that area of the Square looks like today.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In 1896, this is what that same section of the Square looked like. Notice, you will find dirt roads with horses and buggies, fewer buildings, more awnings, and what appears to be wooden sidewalks.

Now, let's move over to the 3rd street section of the Square. This is what it looks like in 2022.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This photo is taken from Main Street on Google Maps, only because Google Maps hasn't driven down Locust Street since 2018. The photo from 1896 is taken from the Locust Street side, but you can still see some similarities in some of the buildings, and you'll notice that some of them didn't exist 126 years ago.

Warrick County Historical Society continues to share historic photos from all over Warrick County on its Facebook page. It's really quite interesting to see the history of the county throughout the years. You can see more by clicking here.

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