River Kitty Cat Cafe is the first ever cat cafe to come to Evansville! It's going to be opening up in Downtown Evansville. While it isn't open just yet, today 10 cats from the Vanderburgh Humane Society moved in, so they can have time to get acclimated before it's open to the public.  I had the opportunity to come  by and get a sneak peek!

I talked with one of the owners, Nancy and she said there's only about 60 cat cafes in the U.S. and that the first one opened in 2015, so for us to be getting one in Evansville is huge!

River Kitty has a huge area for the cats to play upstairs, and it's glassed in so from anywhere in the cafe, you can see the cats play. There's also a separate air supply to the cat room, so if you're allergic to cats, no worries! You can still go and enjoy a beverage without having to interact with them or worry about the allergens getting in the air.

I loved  how River Kitty was decorated, and each unique piece had some kind of history behind it. For instance the glass looking into the cat room, is from the old D-Patrick Ford in Downtown Evansville.  The shelves for the cats to walk on are from columns from an old furniture company in town. it's all very unique.

River Kitty isn't opened yet, but I was lucky to get in and talk with one of the owners, Annette, about River Kitty, and was also able to get a virtual tour of River Kitty for you!

Hear what Annette has to say about how River Kitty came to life

Take a virtual tour of River Kitty

Look at the first kitties of River Kitty being welcomed into their new home!





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