Have you ever had a funny thing happen and thought "why didn't someone film this?" Luckily, one Newburgh family's security camera captured a LOL moment like that for us to enjoy. 

My friend, Matt Burnett, posted a video on Facebook this week that got a lot of laughs. He found footage of his wife, Molly, taking a little tumble stepping outside one morning. Describing it, does not do this video justice. You have to see it for yourself...and I bet your can't watch it just once.

Don't worry, Molly is fine...just a little scrape on her leg. She said that the only thing that hurt worse than the scrape was her pride. Molly, coming from someone who had a very similar moment captured on camera, I can completely relate. Luckily, she and her husband have a good sense of humor and allowed me to share her LOL moment with you.


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