If you need a little assistance with getting school supplies for your kids for the 2023-2024 school year, and you live in Warrick County, one Boonville organization wants to help.

Summer break is nearing its end. It feels like just yesterday, the kiddos were getting out of school and eager to take advantage of summer. In about a month, kids will be returning to school. That means now is the time when parents are planning out their back-to-school shopping lists, and that can be a pretty stressful process. Clothes, shoes, and school supplies don't come cheap, especially for those who have multiple children. Some families cannot afford all the required school supplies, which puts them in a bit of a bind. However, you could have some assistance from a Boonville organization that wants to give you school supplies.

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Studio Bee Community Youth Center in Boonville knows and understands that. That's why they want to help Warrick County families ease the burden of back-to-school shopping by once again doing a school supply giveaway again this year.


Studio Bee School Supply Giveaway

Studio Bee in Boonville is organizing a School Supply Giveaway for Warrick County students in grades K-12. The giveaway/pickup is a great resource that those in Warrick County should register for. Registration for the school supply giveaway starts on Tuesday, July 18th, through Wednesday, July 19th. Those interested should call 812-897-5378. According to Studio Bee's Facebook post, you are asked to call the number and leave a message saying that you would like to register your student(s). They will then call you back with school/grade info, the date on which you will pick up the supplies, and a confirmation number you will need to pick up your supplies.

Studio Bee Community Youth Center is located at 120 Flint Street in Boonville, Indiana. Make sure you call sooner rather than later to ensure that your Warrick County students get the school supplies they need for the upcoming school year.

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