December 10th was the day.  Indiana basketball fans deserved to rush the court, heck they deserved the win, too.  It was the night IU knocked off the team the media said couldn't be beat, the mighty Kentucky Wildcats.  IU had a better night and they deserved it.  You know what else they deserve...PAYBACK!That team that hadn't been beat until that day in Bloomington didn't get beat the rest of the regular season.  Besides a minor hiccup in the SEC finals that didn't affect their NCAA standing, the Cats have been dominant.  They are showing signs of the 1996 Championship team that had all the weapons to make them successful.  Most of all, they had those weapons and teamwork together.  This UK team has it also.  That's why I really believe this is the team that will go back to the NCAA finals and bring another banner to Lexington.  Before they do that, they must avenge that December night against the Hoosiers.  This is a much different Kentucky team and I don't believe it'll be close enough for a last second shot Friday night.

If you agree, comment below...if you don't comment below.  GO CATS!