Usually when I see someone along the side of the road with a cardboard sign, I know they need help of some sort. But Sunday, I saw a man that had me doing a double-take. He was holding a cardboard sign, but he wasn't close enough to traffic, to be asking for donations. So, I took a closer look.

Actually, there were people honking all around me, even though the light was red. Turns out, they were doing what his sign asked them to do.

"Honk if you think I'm sexy. I lost March Madness"


I don't know a lot about sports, but I guess his bracket was immediately disqualified or something. Maybe his version of March Madness isn't the same as everyone else's? It's hard to actually tell if he is sexy, but yes, I did honk!

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This was on Evansville's Westside, so I kind of think it was some sort of college prank, either way, it was funny to see him actually follow through with it.

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