The Evansville Police Department's "Choose Not to Lose" Program is all about teaching young people how to stay out of trouble by making the right decisions when it comes to who they hang out with, how they behave at school and home, as well as how to take steps toward becoming a productive member of the community. Part of that mission includes a youth basketball program that is free to join.

While the "free" part is certainly alluring and a strong selling point, there are many more advantages to the players under the surface if you dig a little deeper. Like any team sport, the league provides kids the opportunity to meet new people their own age who they share at least one common passion with (basketball), as well as the ability to learn the skills of being on a team and how to work together toward a common goal. Lessons, that if taken to heart, will help them achieve the abilities the program looks to instill.

The program is open to boys and girls of any skill level in grades four through eight with open registrations happening from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. on both Tuesday, April 30th and Thursday, May 2nd (2019) at Greater St. James Baptist Church in downtown Evansville (see map below). Registration will include a brief skills assessment of each player. This is to help the organizers keep teams even and avoid one team full of top level players, and another of those who may be playing for the first time.

For more information, contact EPD Officer Jeff Worthington at 812-449-1710.

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